Women to Work focuses on women’s development, both ‘into’ the workplace and ‘within’ the workplace.

Supporting individual women to define and create a fulfilling work life and organisations to create sustainable engagement of their female workforce. A with profits social enterprise, we believe in the commercial and social imperatives for individual women, organisations and society as a whole behind improving gender balance and enabling women to be fully engaged, motivated and fulfilled in their working life either independently or within an organisation.

For women – create the work life you want!

Women to Work offers a range of support to individual women who want to make a positive change to their work life, whether you are currently looking to return to work, would like to change your current working situation or are setting up or already running your own business. Women to Work supports working mums to make it happen!

Testimonial “This is probably the most useful workshop I’ve been on. Really useful exercises, a way forward and the opportunity to talk with other women in the same situation. Found it really inspiring.” Coaching workshop delegate

Research “Many women do make a conscious choice to work part-time, but mostly they do not choose to squander their skills, abilities and earnings potential.” Working below potential: women and part-time work by Linda Grant, Sue Yeandle & Lisa Buckner, Centre for Social Inclusion Sheffield Hallam University – Equal Opportunities Commission 2005

For organisations – sustainable engagement of your female workforce

Women to Work offers a range of support to organisations to look at what you are currently doing and what you can do to maximise female potential; to consider the commercial and social importance of a gender balanced organisation; to create sustainable engagement and development of your female workforce and to identify the subsequent commercial benefits and measures of success.

Testimonial “Working creatively and using co-production approaches they (Jenny and Emma from Women to Work) helped women at SYFR and I, as HR professional and project lead, to design a Women’s Development Programme which successfully empowered 32 diverse female employees, fire fighters and managers to boost their confidence and achieve more from their our working lives ……… Working with Jenny and Emma was a pleasure; I always had full confidence in their ability to deliver, and also to support our new projects and creative ambitions. ” Hibou Drusden, Chartered CIPD, HR Manager, SYFR

Research “……. so much of engagement and management practice success is precisely how they deal with diversity ……. we must understand different types of people have different inclinations” Engaging for success: Enhancing performance through employee engagement.  A report to Government by David MacLeod and Nita Clarke


Women to Work ethos
Collaboration … Positive Solutions … Better for All