“I” Lead Women’s Development Programmes

  Indian Businesswoman              shutterstock_78253036         Coaching workshops for women in Sheffield


I-Ignite – a passion for leadership       I-Engage – to maximise potential         I-Inspire – leaders who motivate

Three ready to go programmes, designed to maximise the potential of your female workforce from recruitment to retirement.

  • supporting you to be a leading organisation in women’s development and gender balance
  • supporting you to create, develop and empower your female leaders now and for the future


The I Lead Women’s Development Programmes support women within organisations from recruitment to retirement – embedding organisational and societal change.

These programmes are designed to support women to achieve their potential and will celebrate their difference and their similarities to men, enabling organisations to benefit from all the characteristics and styles of management and leadership that both genders have to offer, creating a better working environment for all.

All three programmes have coaching and mentoring at their core and will support solutions identified in research to enable women to overcome the barriers they face with the aim to creating greater gender balance and a fulfilled potentialised female workforce which will have a positive societal impact now and in the future.


I-Ignite – Aimed at potential female leaders from graduates to middle managers:

  • Ignite a passion for leadership in your future female leaders
  • Develop a leadership career pathway for their future with your organisation

 – Aimed at all female employees:

  • Embed sustainable engagement of your female workforce
  • Engage or re-engage female employees with their role, your organisation and the shared strategic objectives

- Aimed at current female leaders at all levels:

  • Create inspiration from within – motivational role models
  • Build the mentor potential of your talented female leaders


Each programme is offered through:

  • 3 full day highly interactive coaching workshops
  • Individual self coaching workbooks for long term support and reference
  • Independent learning exercises between each coaching workshop to retain engagement

Additional optional one to one coaching support can be offered for all delegates or those identified or those volunteering as needing additional support.


For further informaWomen to Work coachingtion or to discuss your individual organisational requirements please get in touch.