Work Life Discovery

The Work Life Discovery coaching workshop will help you to define your work life vision, re-connect with who you are and all you have to offer.


Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop dates available for booking now are listed below…and we are delighted to announce that for 2016 & 2017 our Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshops are completely FREE OF CHARGE!

Regular workshops are being offered in association with Sheffield Business & Intellectual Property Centre at Sheffield Central Library.

Be sure to book your place quick as spaces are limited!

  • Thurs 13th Oct 2016: 10am – 1pm – THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULLY BOOKED
  • Thurs 17th Nov 2016: 11am – 2pm – THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULLY BOOKED
  • Tues 14th Feb 2017: 11am – 2pm – THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULLY BOOKED
  • Weds 12th Apr 2017: 430pm – 730pm – THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULLY BOOKED
  • Mon 12th Jun 2017: 10am – 1pm – THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULLY BOOKED
  • Thurs 28th Sep 2017: 1030am – 130pm – THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULLY BOOKED
  • Thurs 23rd Nov 2017: 1030am – 130pm – THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULLY BOOKED
  • Tues 6th Feb 2018: 1030am – 130pm – BOOK NOW!
  • Tues 24th April 2018: 1030am – 130pm
  • Thurs 14th June 2018: 1030am – 130pm


Refreshments will be provided on arrival and mid-workshop


Once we receive your email we will send you confirmation of your place.

For more of an insight here’s what some of the women who attended our recent workshops had to say have a read of Jess’s blog and the testimonials below:

“I feel focused now on what I need to do and have a clear step by step plan – starting this week!”

“Excellent content, venue and facilitators. I learned a lot about my own journey with a great group of like-minded women. Thank you Emma and Jenny.” 

“This is probably the most useful workshop I’ve been on. Really useful exercises, a way forward and the opportunity to talk with other women in the same situation. Found it really inspiring.”

“It was very useful. I’ve discovered I have to think more positively about myself instead of always finding bad things.”

“A really relaxed and welcoming workshop which enables you to work out your priorities and share experiences with other women.”

“An invaluable first step on the greater journey of ‘being me’”

 We aim for all women on our Work Life Discovery coaching workshop to leave with:

  • Your values and purpose – an understanding of what you value most and what motivates you in work and life
  • Your personal strengths profile – a summary of your key strengths and areas for development
  • Your definition of a realistic work life balance that suits your lifestyle needs
  • A vision of your future ideal work / life
  • The start of an action plan to achieve this vision


This inspiring group session will be delivered to a group of women, just like you, enriching your knowledge and learning experience and building your professional network.

Throughout the workshop you will have the opportunity to work with other women in a similar situation to yourself, to enable you to share, learn and inspire each other.

It is our aim that you will leave our workshop feeling optimistic about the future with improved confidence and self-belief.

At the end of the workshop you will be set some further exercises to work on in your own time so you can continue to work towards your future ideal work / life.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


Once we receive your email we will send you confirmation of your place.

Please note: Women to Work may change the content of the coaching workshops as part of the ongoing and continual development of the Women to Work offer.