Perspectives – Areas of Control

This tool aims to help you look at a situation and consider it from 3 perspectives:
  1. Elements you have full control over
  2. Elements you have partial control over
  3. Elements you have no control over

Follow the steps below to have a go at using the tool:

  1. On a blank sheet of paper make a note at the top of the page of the situation you are considering. For example – a change you are going through, a situation you are worried about, a job opportunity or a project you are working on
  2. Make a note of each of the elements that relate to the situation you are considering – one on each line below – add as many as you can think of.
  3. Now rank each element either a 1 (full control), 2 (partial control), 3 (no control). Be sure to really consider if there are any aspects of each element you could have some control over.
  4. Put a line through any element you ranked as 3 that you have no control over as there is nothing you can do to affect this.
  5. Now consider the elements you ranked as 1, that you have full control over. Make a note of what you can do to make more of these?
  6. Now consider the elements you ranked as 2, that you have partial control over. Make of note of what you can do to make the most of the control you do have?
  7. Finally summarise what action you will now take.


Enjoy exploring your areas of control and let us know how you get on. For further support please get in touch.