Personal Development Coaching Programmes and Workshops for Women

Join us for an opportunity to;

  • focus on building your confidence
  • gain clarity about your future
  • challenge any automatic negative self talk that may be getting in the way of you moving forward
  • consider what steps you may want to take that are meaningful and manageable for you to create the work and life that is right for you.


Our programmes and workshops will also be a chance to connect with other women, something we know many of the women we work with get so much inspiration and reassurance from and we also hope you will relish the time to focus on yourself and all that’s important to you.

We are a business with social aims and want to reach as many women as we can and we try to offer our workshops and programmes at prices that we hope will make them affordable. You can attend the 2.5 hour one-off coaching workshops for just £40.00.

Please note: all workshops and programmes will be delivered via Zoom.

Simply click on the workshop or programme you are interested in to find out more or to book a place on one of our available dates, or email us to ask any questions.

2.5 hour one-off coaching workshops

An Introduction to Building Resilience in Yourself and Others – 2.5 hour workshop – £40 – BOOK NOW for Wednesday 17th November 2021 or Thursday 10th February 2022 – join Jenny and Emma for an introduction to resilience and the concept that resilience is something we ‘do’ rather than something we ‘have’ and therefore we can learn to build it. Our aim is for you to leave the workshop having explored your own resilience, when you have been resilient before and what you can do to be more resilient in the future so you can start to develop your own personal resilience toolkit.

Defining your Work and Life Vision – to be the individual you want to be – 2.5 hour workshop – £40 – BOOK NOW for Wednesday 13th October 2021 or Tuesday 18th January 2022– join Jenny and Emma and take some time to reflect and consider your career and life progression options and pathways. Our aim is for you to leave the workshop with more clarity, focus and a clear sense of what work and life satisfaction and happiness looks like for you and some steps to get there.

Challenging Limiting Beliefs and Imposter Syndrome and Having Your Voice Heard – 2.5 hour workshop – £40 – BOOK NOW for Tuesday 19th October 2021 or Wednesday 12th January 2022 – join Jenny and Emma to boost your confidence; challenge your limiting beliefs and address those automatic negative thoughts that get in the way of you achieving all you hope to achieve.   Our aim is for you to leave the workshop with tools to help deal with any limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome, increased confidence in your skills and all you have to offer and an understanding of when and how to have your voice heard in a way that is important to you.

Other workshops and programmes:

Women Connecting and Collaborating – meeting, sharing and learning – 1.5 hour workshop – £15 – BOOK NOW for Thursday 9th December 2021 – join Jenny and Emma to connect with and have impactful conversations with other women about what matters around the topics and issues that are important to the women we work with. Our aim is for you to leave these sessions having had some great conversations with other women and to have gained a deeper understanding of what’s important to you and what can have the most immediate positive impact on your work and life situation.

Successfully Manage and Progress Your Work and Life to define and reach your potential – 6 x 2.5 hour workshops – full details being finalised for a possible January 2022 start – get in touch to express your interest – join Jenny and Emma for an empowering, highly interactive and practical, programme. Our aim is for you to leave this programme with a clearer view of your work and life aspirations, with a focused plan to make that a reality; with tools to manage setbacks and a greater understanding of yourself and all you have to offer. An opportunity to positively manage your personal development for both your work and life.

An Introduction to a Coaching Approach for Work and Life – One day workshop – £75 – BOOK NOW for Wednesday 3rd November 2021 – join Jenny and Emma for a workshop designed to provide you with an introduction to coaching, what it is and how a coaching style can be used in your day to day work and life. Our aim is for you to leave the workshop with an understanding of what is meant by coaching and how it can be of use to you in your work or life; an awareness of the skills of a coach and your own skills and an practical knowledge of models for an effective coaching conversation.

Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop – 2.5 hour FREE workshop – BOOK NOW for Tuesday 5th October 2021 – join Jenny and Emma as they give you the opportunity to consider what is important to you and what really matters when thinking about your work and life, you’ll look at all you have achieved, and you’ll build a profile of you at your very best. You’ll be able to explore your work life balance and how to juggle the demands on your time and energy. Finally, you’ll consider all the options available to you so you can create and consider what actions and next steps you need to take to progress. You can read more about our workshop including testimonials here.

Work Life Discovery … Take Two – reconnect, revisit, reflect and review – 2.5 hour workshop – £25 – BOOK NOW for Thursday 2nd December 2021 – Join Jenny and Emma and explore what’s happened in your work and life following your participation in our Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop. This session is an opportunity for you to take some time for yourself to reflect on where you are right now, review what has happened that has worked for you, revisit or revise your plans for you work and life happiness and reconnect, chat and share experiences with women like you.


We hope to see you soon!


Please note, whilst these are women only workshops we can also offer other sessions for a mixed audience of men and women if that’s of interest to you – just get in touch to discuss your requirements.