Women’s Development Programmes – Management Team Workshops & Research Projects

Are you looking for a way to develop your organisation’s talent? Are you specifically interested in engaging and maximising the potential of women in your organisation?

We provide an opportunity for your organisation to look at what you are currently doing and what you can do to maximise female potential; consider the commercial and social importance of a gender balanced organisation; create sustainable engagement and development of your female workforce and identify the subsequent commercial benefits and measures of success.


Workshops for the management team

Half or full day highly interactive coaching workshops for managers or management teams. Examples include:

  • Organisational imperatives – becoming a ‘good to work for’ organisation for your female workforce – What are the commercial benefits of a gender balanced environment for your organisation?
  • Organisational imperatives – all about engagement – What do you do now, what could you do, what will you do to actively engage your female workforce and measure success?
  • Sustainable engagement of your female workforce – cascade the action plan – make it happen! – putting the learning from the above workshops into an action plan


Research study project for the organisation

Ask the women (and men) in the organisation. The research study would include focus groups, questionnaires and one to one interviews. It would look at key strategic imperatives to meet gender and engagement targets.


Development & facilitation of a project team

Women to Work will work with you to build and facilitate an internal project team to champion and action the engagement of women in the workplace based on your research study.


Facet5 Profiling & Mediation

We also offer both Facet5 Profiling and Mediation. Either of these can be used on their own or as part of a development programme for women in your organisation.