Coach and mentor training and programme design

Do you want to develop a group of in-house coaches or mentors?

Do you want to increase or refresh the skills of the coaches and mentors already in your organisation?

Do you want to equip your managers with coaching skills to use in their day to day work?

Do you want to create a coaching culture across your organisation?

Talk to us to explore these questions and more and explore the examples of our work below for inspiration…

Coaching Skills for Managers – a 1 day workshop for multiple cohorts for a public sector organisation. This programme was designed to provide managers with an introduction to a coaching approach and how it could be used in their day to day roles. The workshop explored the benefits and impact of coaching, coaching models and tools, and coaching as a ‘way of being’. It was a highly interactive session with many opportunities to practice, share and explore ideas and it was very well received with 92% of delegates rating the workshop a 4 or 5 out of 5.

“Jenny and Emma are both very enthusiastic about coaching, and this has made me want to bring coaching into our Department. My role will encourage its implementation.”

“Very informative session which will make me consider the positive impact effective coaching could have on my team.”

Women’s Development Mentoring Programme – a 2 day programme for two cohorts in the public sector. This programme was designed to create a community of mentors to offer development, resilience and wellbeing support to women. The workshop explored a range of topics including the benefits of mentoring, the role of a mentor and a mentee, models and tools, and reflection on practice. It was a highly interactive session where delegates could practice using the models and tools with real scenarios and it was very positively received with 97% of delegates rating the workshop a 4 or 5 out of 5.

“I found the entire programme useful. I especially enjoyed the workshops where we could practice our skills, this was very useful in being able to understand better, the new tools and concepts being taught.”

Women to Work has also in the past delivered an open access ILM Level 5 Certificate & Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring programme for individual learners in Sheffield in association with Red Vanilla ILM Centre. As tutors and trainers on the Coaching & Mentoring programmes we designed and delivered all of the materials through a combination of face to face workshops and online learning and and we marked and graded all assignments.

“I undertook my ILM Coaching and Mentoring Study (Level 5) with Jenny and Emma over a period of 18 months. My experiences of Emma and Jenny are that they are driven by delivering quality in all they do. To me, they are passionate about working with people from a range of backgrounds, supporting them to make a difference or change and really respecting whatever the person holds dear. They provided a well-structured ILM programme suiting different learning styles, through different mediums e.g. on-line, telephone support, offering Skype support, paper hand-out materials, group sessions and support/information via email. Emma and Jenny are true professionals and have a range of experience and materials which they drew upon and shared throughout the programme. They work well together, are approachable, listen well, are highly organised and to the point, which is a huge help when you are studying, working and juggling many other elements of life! I would thoroughly recommend ‘Women to Work’ as a business and as an ILM Coaching and Mentoring Course Provider”.

Please get in touch to explore how we might be able to help you with your coaching and mentoring training and development.