One to one and team coaching for organisations

Are there individuals in your organisation…

…who would value additional support?

…who are looking to progress their careers?

…who are facing challenges around work life balance, putting themselves forward, having their voice heard?

…who lack confidence in their own abilities?

Our one to one coaching can help your staff member to see new horizons that best fit their values, helping them to feel positive, motivated and able to create a fulfilling professional and personal life.

Women To Work founders, Emma and Jenny, are both professional coaches who offer inspirational, supportive and creative approaches to each coaching session.

Working with your staff member in a style to suit their needs, these stimulating, practical and thought-provoking sessions aim to support them to reach their goals.

Our coaching sessions can be delivered by Zoom or similar, or at your chosen location for multiple sessions.

Our clients come to us with varied motivations, a range of backgrounds and work life situations and we will work with them on a range of areas including:

  • Taking to time to reflect and identify what is important to me from my work and home life
  • Dealing with negative self-talk and Imposter Syndrome
  • Work life balance
  • I want to make a change
  • Career progression and development
  • Having a voice and how to present myself
  • Managing professional relationships
  • Dealing with self-doubt and building confidence
  • Dealing with setbacks and building resilience
  • Creating an action plan of manageable achievable next steps


Some words from our clients:

“I worked with Jenny when taking on a new leadership role in the financial sector. Jenny’s support was invaluable in helping me set out a clear platform for my leadership, for developing my strategy for the team, and for building my resilience and confidence to face the challenges I met. I would highly recommend Women to Work.”

“Emma provided the most effective and inspirational coaching I have ever received. She sensitively and intelligently teased out deep-seated issues, helped me to address them, and guided me through how to move forward. This has fundamentally improved the way I perform in my role.”

Find out more about Jenny

Find out more about Emma

We also offer team coaching, for example we recently delivered a “Thriving as a Team & as Individuals” facilitated coaching session for a team within a university. We designed a workshop to create an environment for a newly formed team to identify their team purpose and value to their key stakeholders within the university.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Emma and Jenny on the brief for my team’s workshop and they captured brilliantly all that the team needed to achieve. The informal and interactive session was a real chance for a new team to bond and to share insights, observations and ideas for our future development. I’m delighted by the feedback from the team as to how much they enjoyed it and what they gained from it as individuals, as well as for the team.” “Thriving as a Team & as Individuals” University Commissioning Manager

Please get in touch if this is of interest and we can explore how this might work for you.

Please click here if you are an individual looking for one to one coaching.