Coaching & Mentoring

WoTraining File Shows Education And Developmentmen to Work offers a range of Coaching and Mentoring training and initiatives at all levels.

We have also successfully delivered ILM Qualifications in Coaching & Mentoring at both Level 3 and Level 5 in association with Red Vanilla.

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“I undertook my ILM Coaching and Mentoring Study (Level 5) with Jenny and Emma over a period of 18 months.

My experiences of Emma and Jenny are that they are driven by delivering quality in all they do. To me, they are passionate about working with people from a range of backgrounds, supporting them to make a difference or change and really respecting whatever the person holds dear.

They provided a well-structured ILM programme suiting different learning styles, through different mediums e.g. on-line, telephone support, offering Skype support, paper hand-out materials, group sessions and support/information via email.

Emma and Jenny are true professionals and have a range of experience and materials which they drew upon and shared throughout the programme.

They work well together, are approachable, listen well, are highly organised and to the point, which is a huge help when you are studying, working and juggling many other elements of life!

I would thoroughly recommend ‘Women to Work’ as a business and as an ILM Coaching and Mentoring Course Provider”.

Anne Raw, HR & L&D Professional, May 2017


“…. I just wanted to let you know that the work that you did with us some years ago around mentoring has really had a positive impact on myself and my career. I really did take stock of where I was after your input and I also looked at the area of personal effectiveness. I found that coaching and mentoring as a management style really suited my personality and opened me up to far better and more effective working relationships. It also allowed me to have a positive impact on the development of our new generation of managers and having open and honest dialogue with them has resulted in not just improving my own, but the service’s effectiveness…..The service has a bright future with the managers that we have developing within the culture that you have encouraged me to help create. There are loads of courses for all aspects of the work that we do – but not many have genuinely changed and improved me the way yours did.”

Tony Carlin, Head of Emergency Response, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue