Starting a new business?

There are so many considerations when starting your own business…but what about when you are trying to work out how to fit your new business venture around your children? Then, it can sometimes seem overwhelming.

Here are a few questions that can help…take the time to answer them and then review your responses. It can be useful to re-visit this whenever you feel your work / life balance is not as balanced as you’d like.

1. Why is my business so important to me?

2. What does it give to me? (practically, financially, emotionally)

3. What does it give to others? (family, friends, my clients)

4. What little tweaks can I make to my business and home life to make the two fit together?

5. Where can I get support from? (practically, financially, emotionally)

6. What barriers might I face?

7. What can I put in place now to help me deal with the barriers?

8. What am I great at and how can I use my strengths to maximise my chance of success?

9. How will I know when I’m successful?

10. How will I reward my success?

Good luck!