Time management – quick tip!

On a Sunday evening or Monday morning:

1. Write out your week – Mon-Sun, a page for each

2. Fill in all the appointments and commitments you have for each day and the time each will take, e.g. meetings, phone calls, school commitments, dentist appointments etc

3. Add in other things you want to do during the week and allocate a time for them – e.g. time for exercise, waking the dog, projects to work on

4. Write a list of all your ‘to do’s or take a look at your existing ‘to do list’

5. To most effectively time plan when you will get your ‘to do’s’ done allocate them across the week – work out how much time you might need for each and block it into your diary. Each day you can then cross off what you complete which feels great…and much better than one of those never ending ‘to do’ lists

Remember to allow more time than you expect each ‘to do’ to take and even allow some empty slots if you can for the unexpected opportunities, calls, emails that always arise.

You can colour code your week plan too if you like – a different colour for each project, or a colour per family member perhaps.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

Have a great week.


Emma Shute & Jenny Pollock are the founders of Women to Work. They coach women in group workshops and one to one sessions to focus, plan and make great progress towards their ideal work life.