Two bits of news and a self coaching tool – happy reading!

Welcome to our latest newsletter and today we have some exciting news to share and a self-coaching tool that many of our clients find really helpful – we hope you do too ….

  • Research – Summary document now available – Women’s Careers – Beyond Organizational Boundaries – our work with Professor Penny Dick from Sheffield University Management School
  • New open access programme launch – Creating a pathway to thrive – a personal development coaching programme for women
  • Confidence – a self coaching tool  


Women’s Careers – Beyond Organizational Boundaries

Having met and got to know Penny Dick a Professor of Organizational Psychology at Sheffield University Management School we found we shared a common belief that there is a mismatch between what is commonly understood as career success versus how women see personal and professional success….

So we came together with our shared passion and a desire to make a difference…..

Penny applied and obtained some funding from the British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grants competition to conduct research and a plan was put in place with research starting in 2019.

Penny attended and interviewed a number of women who had attended Women to Work’s Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop to delve deeply into the women’s own understandings of their ‘career’ and work and life and gain valuable insight that is the basis for the research findings.

We are now delighted to be sharing all the research and thinking in a Summary document – Starting the conversation ….. having an impact and making a difference – Women’s careers: Beyond organizational boundaries – a practical, insightful and stirring document that we hope will drive action, change and enable the readers to have real and positive impact…..

To receive your copy of the Summary document – Starting the conversation PDF email us here and let us know the reason this has stimulated your interest and how you think these findings could be helpful to you and your workplace….

For a taster of the document and to find out more about the research visit our dedicated website page and join our Linkedin group.

We look forward to sharing the research with you and working together for women’s careers.

We are so pleased to announce the launch of a new open access Creating a pathway to thrive – a personal development coaching programme for women. You can book one or more places as an individual or for women in your organisation or network. We’ve been delivering a version of this programme in the fire and rescue sector for many years and we’re now delighted to offer it more widely.

Starting in October 2024 this programme includes 3 x 3hr coaching workshops and a 1.5hr connecting and collaborating session. The programme develops throughout the workshops taking the delegates through an exploration of where they are now, an understanding of what is truly important to them about their work, themselves, their life and their future aspirations and focused consideration of how they can enable, sustain, and support themselves to achieve their aspirations and the action they need to take to make it happen.

All workshops are delivered on Zoom and include small group conversations, inspiring ideas and self-coaching exercises.

Here are some testimonials from some of our current personal development coaching programmes:

“A worthwhile programme that pushed me out of my comfort zone to focus on myself and what I really want out of my career and life. In addition to that it gave me the confidence to aim higher and support other women to do the same. Thank you”

“During the workshops I felt inspired hearing from women who’ve overcome challenges. I realised I wasn’t alone holding myself back, but I’m the only person who can change my situation.”

“This was a fantastic course that built my confidence, gave me a greater understanding of myself at work and in my personal life, and provided tools to use in the future. Thank you!”

“This programme helped me to find and learn to champion everything unique about myself”

The full programme of 4 sessions costs £250 per delegate. For more information or to book a place for yourself or your colleagues either email Jenny & Emma or click here.

Confidence is something that comes up regularly in our one to one coaching and in our coaching workshops – we know many women at times struggle to remember all the things they bring to work and life or a specific situation – we have seen how helpful this self coaching tool Achievements – Transferable skills – defining me can be for our clients and we hope it may be helpful for you too.

We know from all the women we have worked with that taking time to really know themselves can have a profound impact on how they see themselves and therefore their future. We can often focus on the negative areas where we are not as successful as we would like to be, however if we focus on knowing ourselves, our strengths and all that we have achieved we are able to feel more confident and able to recognise all that we bring to a situation.

This exercise can be hard for some people as we don’t often think about what we have achieved. The important thing about the exercise, is that it is about things you have done, you are proud of, and not necessarily other people’s view of what you “should” be proud of.

We hope you find it helpful and if you have a moment let us know how you get on.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about our work.

Best wishes

Emma & Jenny