We love a good TED talk…

We love a good TED talk and often share them on social media and with our clients.

There’s nothing better than curling up with a cup of tea and taking a few minutes out of your day to enjoy a laugh, be inspired, moved to tears or to be left in complete awe.

So grab your cuppa, pull up a chair and enjoy our round up of some of our favourites…

5 ways to kill your dreams, Bel Pesce

We talk a lot about goals, dreams and aspirations in our line of work and this short but sweet TED talk takes a look at 5 common ways we can be sure to kill those dreams and some ideas for each…


Success, failure and the drive to keep creating, Elizabeth Gilbert

Failure is something so many of us find hard to deal with and the thought of failure can often get in the way of us even attempting to pursue our dreams. In this TED talk Elizabeth Gilbert considers why success can be just as hard and offers some insight into how we carry on regardless.



Choose your attitude, Debra Searle

We were extremely fortunate to see Debra Searle speak at an event about her experience of rowing the Atlantic solo after her husband left the boat. A must watch for inspiration and ideas to deal with your attitude in all situations.


Try something new for 30 days, Matt Cutts

If you don’t have much time – try this one! A light-hearted talk about setting and achieving your goals.



How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes, Adam Leipzig

Knowing your values and purpose is a key element of our work with our clients. Here Adam Leipzig simplifies what might be considered a complex question – what is my life purpose? Enjoy!


Teach girls bravery, not perfection, Reshma Saujani

 A topic close to our hearts, Reshma Saujani looks at the idea of bravery rather than perfection in the context of tech. It’s time to embrace imperfection!


The gift and power of emotional courage, Susan David

Dealing with our emotions can feel like a constant struggle, Susan David shares her own experience and research on emotional agility and how developing it can bring improvements into every area of our lives.



The happy secret to better work, Shawn Achor

 A fast-paced and funny talk about happiness and productivity, 12 minutes very well spent!


We hope you enjoy our round up of some of our favourite TED talks, if you have any favourites you’d like to share with us please get in touch.

Emma & Jenny

Emma Shute & Jenny Pollock are the founders & coaches of Women to Work. As well as designing and delivering Women’s Development Programmes, Emma & Jenny both offer one to one coaching sessions either face to face in Sheffield or Derby or by telephone or Skype. For more information contact Emma & Jenny.