Women to Work Newsletter – April 2022

Spring has sprung …. such a hopeful time of the year.
We’ve both been taking some time every morning lately before getting stuck into a busy day to get outside and really notice what is happening in nature .… and these daffodils were such a beautiful find last week.
It’s so easy when working from home to just get your head down and not lift it again for a long time. We find it so helpful to just spend a few minutes to pause, breathe and be outside during the day – it’s amazing how re-energised and refreshed we feel after just a few minutes. We hope this inspires you to have a few minutes to yourself and find what re-energises you today and maybe regularly this month.
We also recognise that things are really quite challenging for so many people at the moment – it’s been a tough couple of years and it can feel so overwhelming. One thing that helps us when we feel overwhelmed is this self-coaching tool – Perspectives – Areas of Control – that helps us to focus on what we do have and don’t have control over, we hope you find this helpful too.

Personal development programme and workshops for women

Successfully Manage and Progress Your Work and Life to define and reach your potential.
This series of 6 coaching workshops for women can be booked individually for £40 per workshop, or as a full programme for £195. All workshops run from 10am-1230pm on Zoom. 

Building relationships and creating positive connections …. to support your work and life aspirations – Wednesday 4th May 2022

An Introduction to Building Resilience in Yourself and Others – Wednesday 8th June 2022

Managing your work and life demands …. changes after the pandemic – Thursday 30th June 2022

Defining your work and life vision…. to be the individual you want to be – Wednesday 21st September

Challenging Limiting Beliefs & Imposter Syndrome & Having Your Voice Heard – Tuesday 18th October 2022

Knowing yourself to be your most confident self in work and life – Wednesday 16th November 2022

Other personal development Zoom workshops for women…

Women Connecting and Collaborating – meeting, sharing and learning – 1.5 hour informal meet up, £15 – Wednesday 18th May 2022 or Tuesday 19th July 2022

Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop – 2.5 hour FREE workshop – Tuesday 10th May 2022 or Thursday 20th October 2022 or book a date in 2023! 

Work Life Discovery … Take Two – reconnect, revisit, reflect and review – 2.5 hour workshop, £25 – Tuesday 13th September 2022 

Supporting others is at the heart of what we do so charity donations are a part of our aims too and we are pleased to have been able to donate to a range of charities over the last few years. We have also set up our own Women to Work Grove of Celebration & Gratitude with Trees for Life and have recently added a new tree in celebration of International Women’s Day last month – You can read more about our Grove here and of course you are welcome to add a tree too!

We wish you a wonderful April.

Emma & Jenny
Women to Work Founders, Directors and Coaches