Achievements – Transferable skills – defining me

At first this tool and the questions listed look straight forward but once you start to really think about it they can be quite challenging. Don’t be put off, take time to reflect and really think about your answers. Coaching gives you the time and space to reflect and aims to develop your self-awareness, build your confidence and help you think about what next and start to make plans. This is not a job to be hurried but to be explored and enjoyed and can take time and consideration.

Knowing the characteristics, strengths and skills you demonstrate that are meaningful to you is an important aspect of understanding and defining yourself at your best. This is a challenging but often enlightening coaching tool – we hope you will enjoy it as well as learn a lot about yourself.

1. List 5 significant achievements in your life that you are most proud of. These achievements can be from your work or personal life. Write these in the circles below – try and fill all 5.

2. Next to each achievement identify what were the key characteristics, strengths & skills that you demonstrated that enabled you to make this achievement?

3. Then consider all of the characteristics, strengths and skills you have listed for each achievement and write a summary list of the key aspects that define you.

4. Lastly, think about how could you use these characteristics, strengths & skills to support you in your work / life vision.

Transferable skills coaching tool

Why not talk it through with a trusted friend or colleague – as coaches we notice that talking something through can often bring greater reflection, self-awareness and clarity.

We hope you enjoy this powerful thought provoking exercise. Please let us know how you get on and get in touch if you’d like to explore this further.