Women’s careers: Beyond organizational boundaries

Over the last three years, Professor Penny Dick from the Sheffield University Management School has been working with Women to Work on a project, researching women’s understandings of their careers and work related experiences with information from women attending our Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop forming the basis of the research.

The aim of the research has been to shed light on the processes which women themselves see as influencing their career choices and progression and to assess the degree to which the dominant ideas about women’s positions in the workplace are capturing these understandings.

Today alongside Penny we held a workshop which was an opportunity for Penny to share some of the findings and themes from the research and for discussion to take place to consider the practical implications of these findings as well as importantly thinking about what next and how can this information influence workplaces and workplace policy.

What an incredible and thought provoking session it was, the discussions on the findings and the related questions stimulated more ideas and factors for consideration. A number of us are now committed to building an informal community of practice to try to disseminate the findings and discussion of their implications more widely as well as focusing on trying to influence workplaces and workplace policy. 

If this is something you are interested in, would like to find out more about or would like to be involved in then just email or message us – Professor Penny Dick p.dick@sheffield.ac.uk or contact Emma and Jenny here.