About Us

Emma and Jenny are professional working women and mothers with strong business backgrounds and broad business skills. They were inspired to start Women to Work when sharing their own work life stories over a cup of tea!

They are passionate about supporting women to reach their potential and to be fulfilled and satisfied with their working lives and their personal lives as individual women and in many cases as working mums.

They offer support to women who want to make a change to their work life situation; women who may be looking for a better work life balance and women who want to fulfill their personal and professional potential.

Can you have it both, a fulfilling work life and a happy home life? Emma and Jenny believe so and are working to achieve that every day in their own lives. So they understand the challenges and frustrations you will face as well as the sense of self-worth, self-confidence and wellbeing you will feel.

To find out more about our founders visit our coach profile pages:

Jenny Pollock

Emma Shute