About Us

Emma and Jenny were inspired to start Women to Work when sharing their own work and life stories over a cup of tea!

Women to Work was sparked out of a conversation about the unfulfilled potential we saw in women all around us – brilliant bright capable motivated women unable to meet their professional and/or personal potential for a variety of reasons. We knew we wanted to make a difference if we could and that’s where we started, and we are now proud to have run women’s development programmes in both the public and private sector as well as having designed and delivered coaching and mentoring training, group coaching workshops and having supported many individual women with varied backgrounds and motivations through one to one coaching.



We absolutely love what we do with all our initiatives having coaching at their core. We are passionate about how coaching can help the people we work with to see new horizons that best fit their values, helping them to feel positive, motivated and able to create a fulfilling professional and personal life.

Jenny and Emma are both professionally accredited coaches and have a range of business and life experience that, alongside setting up and running Women to Work since 2014 includes having worked in a self-employed capacity and commercial corporate experience to senior management level as well as strong academic knowledge in the field of coaching and mentoring, Emma and Jenny are also both members of the EMCC and the Association for Coaching.

We focus on building impactful relationships with organisations, women’s networks and women and men who are passionate about developing women in the workplace, developing resilience in individuals and developing coaching/mentoring as a way of being. Working together to take many thoughts and ideas and funnel these down with clarity into a focused plan to create the initiative that will best suit the needs of the individuals, networks and organisations we work with.

We hope this has sparked your interest and we look forward to talking to you about how we could help support, inspire and develop you, or the people in your organisation or network.

To find out more about our founders Jenny and Emma please visit our coach profile pages:

Jenny Pollock

Emma Shute