About Us

Emma and Jenny are professional working women and mothers with strong business backgrounds and broad business skills. They were inspired to start Women to Work when sharing their own work life stories over a cup of tea!

They are passionate about supporting women to reach their potential and to be fulfilled and satisfied with their working lives and their personal lives as individual women and in many cases as working mums.

They offer support to women who want to make a change to their work life situation; women who may be looking for a better work life balance and women who want to fulfill their personal and professional potential and they do this both with individual women and through working with organisations.

Can you have it both, a fulfilling work life and a happy home life? Emma and Jenny believe so and are working to achieve that every day in their own lives. So they understand the challenges and frustrations you will face as well as the sense of self-worth, self-confidence and wellbeing you will feel.

As professional qualified coaches, our approach with both organisations and individuals is facilitative, supportive and bespoke with our work tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Emma and Jenny bring a range of commercial corporate experience up to senior management and director level respectively, as well as first hand experience of setting up and running their own businesses. They also have strong academic knowledge and engage in regular cpd and supervision.

Recent and current projects all have coaching and mentoring at their core: a national women’s development programme for the fire and rescue sector with Women in the Fire Service UK, a women’s development programme, research piece and mentor training (including some delegates at ILM Level 3 in association with Red Vanilla) for South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, our successful Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop for women in Sheffield, our ILM Level 5 Certificate & Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring in association with Red Vanilla, and a women’s development programme and research piece for Chess Telecom, the UK’s Number 1 ‘Best Company to Work For’ in the Sunday Times annual listings.

Both Jenny and Emma are members of the Association for Coaching  and the EMCC and adhere to their joint Global Code of Ethics. To view the Global Code of Ethics please click here. To view the complaints procedure for the Association for Coaching or for the EMCC please click on the relevant body name. For more information about the Association for Coaching or the the EMCC please again click on the relevant body name.

To find out more about our founders Jenny and Emma please visit our coach profile pages:

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