Our clients, case studies & testimonials

Over the years we have worked with, and continue to work with some wonderful clients, women’s networks and organisations.

Here’s a little info about who we’ve worked with and some client case studies and testimonials…

Some of our wonderful clients:

  • Active Cheshire
  • Angelo Gordon
  • BBraun
  • Business & IP Centre South Yorkshire
  • Cambridge Econometrics
  • Charles River Associates
  • Chess ICT
  • CMI
  • Coal Authority
  • Energy UK
  • Form3
  • Humberside Fire & Rescue Service
  • InterGen
  • London Business School Women in Business Club
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service
  • POWERful Women
  • RWE UK
  • Sheffield City Council
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Sheffield Students Union
  • South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service
  • Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service
  • University of Sheffield
  • We are the City / Women in Tech
  • Women in the Fire Service UK
  • Individual clients who come to us with varied motivations, a range of backgrounds and work life situations


Case studies & testimonials

Women in the Fire Service UK (WFS)

 The WFS Women’s Development Programme – “Successfully Managing Your Work Life” – was designed and developed through discussion with WFS, and the original in person programme was launched in Feb 2018 and hosted at individual FRS’s across the country. The current programme – “Creating a pathway to thrive” –  is delivered via Zoom enabling women across the country to access the programme and to meet and connect with women from other FRS’s.

A programme for women* at all levels in the fire service who want to:

  • take control of their work and life now and in the future
  • have their voice heard in a way that’s meaningful to them
  • reconnect with who they are and all they have to offer
  • identify and challenge any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back and find strategies to build their personal resilience
  • value themselves and what they need and want from work and life
  • engage, connect and build relationships with other women in the emergency services

*Open to non-binary and gender-fluid identities and those who identify as women.

The original programme consisted of 3 half day workshops delivered in-person to 7 cohorts from Feb 2018 – Mar 2020 across a range of fire and rescue services including one FRS who asked us to repeat the programme, and some cohorts that included delegates from more than one FRS. Overall 142 women participated in the original in-person programme.

Following the original programme we then successfully tendered to deliver a new online version of the WFS Women’s Development Programme – “Creating a Pathway to Thrive” – which started in 2021 and is scheduled to continue until 2025 to a total of 12 cohorts and is expected to have been delivered to around 300 women across the fire and rescue sector.

The programme, alongside delivered content and thought provoking quotes, includes a range of opportunities for delegate discussion, time for personal individual reflection, self-coaching tools and techniques covering a range of topics, workbooks for use during and after the programme, as well as role model videos from women across the fire and rescue sector.


“I attended the 3 half days, at first I was very apprehensive about doing the programme I didn’t know what to expect and I normally shy away from such courses. I took a chance and decided to embrace all 3 sessions and from doing so it gave me the confidence to apply for a new role (something I would never have thought of doing previous). I put into practice the skills and techniques I learnt from doing this programme and needless to say I got the new role I have always wanted. I would fully recommend this course to anyone, and I think the programme is a great success. I hope this course continues to inspire others and helps all colleagues to find happiness within their roles in the Fire Service. Keep up the good work”

To find out more about the WFS Women’s Development Programme – “Creating a Pathway to Thrive” please click here.



Chess ICT (UK’s Number 1 ‘Best Company to Work For’ in the Sunday Times 2018 annual listings) 

We worked with Chess ICT to conduct research and then design and deliver a 12-month Empowering Women Programme which included 3 programmes with coaching at their core.

The Empowering Women Programme was a three-tiered programme offered to women at all levels at Chess:

  • Courageous Women – for non-managerial women
  • Maximising Female Potential – for female team leaders at Chess
  • Being a Role Model – for senior female leaders.

The programme included a range of self-coaching personal development tools delivered through both online learning and face to face workshops and included one to one coaching sessions and an introduction to mentoring for the “Being a Role Model” delegates.

As a result of this work Chess:

  • Improved their maternity and paternity offering.
  • Added “Harvest Festival” days to their benefit offering, which allows their people to never miss an event at their child’s school.
  • Created parent champions to support their people.
  • Several women have gone for promotion or changed role after taking part in the programme and have publicly acknowledged that it has made them feel more confident.

    “As Managing Director of a growing technology business, I am keen to help every one of our people make the most of their opportunity. We know that women can be more reluctant than men to put themselves forward for opportunities at work and believe that working with Women to Work will help all our women maximise their potential and grasp theopportunity Chess can offer them”Stephen Dracup, Managing Director, Chess ICT

    “Emma and Jenny being involved in our business has been a real “game changer” for Chess. The experience and thoughtfulness they bring to the programme has given us real focus on Empowering our Women and I am excited to see where the business is in 12 months after their input. As the programme owner for Chess I would highly recommend working with them, they are honest, professional and their passion is infectious. Their flexibility allowed the programme to be tailored to Chess, which means it’s perfect for our individual business needs.”Kate Wood, Culture Director, Chess


RWE UK Women’s Network Career Development Programme 

Originally designed as 3 face-to-face workshops in a Career Development Programme for RWE UK Women’s Network, due to start in March 2020. Due to the pandemic we re-designed the programme to be delivered via their in-house online system and launched the programme in September 2020 instead. Utilising “breakout rooms” meant we were able to keep the highly interactive nature of our workshops with lots of interaction and discussions, so the delegates still got that all important connection that is such an essential aspect of our workshops and we were delighted to receive a 9.4/10 rating for the programme and we continue to work with women from RWE.

“Women to Work delivered a series of three career development workshops for the RWE UK Women’s Network from September to November 2020. Originally planned as face-to- face workshops at the beginning of the year, Emma and Jenny worked with us closely to adapt these sessions to enable them to be delivered online. This meant the members of the network could still have the opportunity to take part in what were fantastic sessions. Emma and Jenny were amazing in engaging the audience and creating a safe space for people to share their feelings, thoughts and experiences in terms of their career development and the challenges they faced. The sessions received excellent participant feedback in terms of the topics covered, the quality of the speakers and the use of the technology to deliver the sessions. People really benefitted from Emma and Jenny’s expertise in guiding them through the process of identifying what they wanted to do in their careers and the first steps of making that a reality. Thank you Emma and Jenny for a thoroughly enjoyable and insightful experience.”
Lisa Crow, RWE Generation UK (member of the RWE UK Women’s Network steering group)


Following our work with RWE, and also Energy UK, we were then inspired to launch our Women in Energy Personal Development Coaching Programme – Successfully Manage and Progress Your Work and Life …. to define and reach your potential in 2023. We are currently delivering the 8 workshop programme to the second cohort – to find out more or to register for a place on our 2025 programme please get in touch. 


We aim to deliver our programmes to suit different learning styles using a facilitated coaching approach. The sessions will usually include a mix of:

  • delivered content – sharing a variety of information, thought provoking quotes, article references and commentary on the topics being covered
  • shared learning & discussion – pairs, large and small group discussions to enable shared learning
  • individual time to reflect – giving an opportunity for delegates to take time away from all distractions and focus on themselves and their own personal development.
  • creative self-coaching tools – covering a range of topics that can be applied to each individual’s unique situation, suitable for women at all levels in the organisation and that can be used time and again as and when needed – developing self-coaching techniques.
  • role model videos – where possible we like to include relevant role model videos. Women at all levels and in varied roles, sharing their stories and words of advice. These could be stories of success, failure, overcoming challenges, stories of hope, support and encouragement to inspire the delegates on the programme.
  • personal development workbook – all delegates are provided with self-coaching workbooks in pdf format to use throughout the programme, workbooks include copies of key slides, self-coaching tools, techniques and exercises they will have been introduced to during the programme and will be a practical resource to be used time and again enabling delegates to sustain and maintain their own personal development throughout their work and life.


To find out more about our work and how we might be able to support you please get in touch.