Coaching programmes and workshops for women

Our programmes and workshops provide an opportunity for women in your organisation to:

  • take some time for personal and professional reflection
  • deal with negative self-talk and imposter syndrome
  • consider their work life balance and managing work and life demands
  • look at their career progression and development – crossroads, options and pathways
  • explore having a voice and how to present themselves
  • consider managing professional relationships and building connections
  • deal with self-doubt and build confidence
  • manage setbacks and build resilience
  • create an action plan of manageable achievable next steps

Please note: all workshops and programmes will be delivered via Zoom.

Our programmes and workshops can be booked for a group of women, women’s network or women in your organisation. We also run industry specific programmes for individual women that can be booked as an individual or via your organisation – if you are interested in any of the programmes or workshops please email Jenny and Emma on info@womentowork or fill in our contact form to find out more.


Creating a pathway to thrive – a personal development coaching programme for women 

Our next open access programme starts in October 2024 – click here to book a place.

You can book one or more places as an individual or for women in your organisation or network.

A programme for women at all levels who want to:

  • take control of their work and life now and in the future
  • have their voice heard in a way that’s meaningful to them
  • reconnect with who they are and all they have to offer
  • identify and challenge any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back and find strategies to build their personal resilience
  • value themselves and what they need and want from work and life
  • engage, connect and build relationships with other women


This programme includes a series of 3 x 3hr coaching workshops and a 1.5hr connecting and collaborating session delivered via Zoom.

  • Workshop 1 – My work and life aspirations
  • Workshop 2 – Knowing myself
  • Workshop 3 – Planning and preparing for success
  • Women connecting and collaborating


Personal Development Coaching Programme – Successfully Manage and Progress Your Work and Life to define and reach your potential 

6 x 2.5 hour workshops – join Jenny and Emma for an empowering, highly interactive and practical programme.

Our aim is for you to leave the programme with a clearer view of your work and life aspirations, with a focused plan to make that a reality; with tools and techniques to manage setbacks and a greater understanding of yourself and all you have to offer. An opportunity to manage your personal development for both your work and life.

Please note the six sessions below, which make up the programme can also be booked as individual one off workshops.

  • Defining your work and life vision – to be the individual you want to be
  • Knowing yourself to be your most confident self in work and life
  • Managing your work and life demands
  • An introduction to building resilience in yourself and others
  • Challenging limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome and having your voice heard
  • Building relationships and creating positive connections … to support your work and life aspirations


Personal Development Coaching Programme – confidence building and career planning 

This taster programme includes 1.5hr versions covering some of our most popular topics:

  • Challenging limiting beliefs & imposter syndrome & having your voice heard
  • An introduction to building resilience in yourself and others
  • Career progression
  • Women connecting and collaborating – meeting sharing and learning


i-Lead Personal Development Coaching Programme – for aspiring and developing female leaders

  • i-Ignite – a passion for leadership – 2 x 2.5hr sessions
  • i-Engage – to maximise potential – 2 x 2.5hr sessions
  • i-Inspire – leaders as role model – 2 x 2.5hr sessions
  • Women connecting and collaborating – being a leader – 1 x 2.5hr session
  • One to one coaching x 4 sessions per delegate (optional)


The ‘i’ of ‘i’lead is the core essence of this programme – it is all about you – who you want to be as a leader at whatever level of leading role you have or aspire to, to truly know yourself and all you have to offer and to define the impact you want to have and how you can inspire others

This programme isn’t what you would perhaps traditionally expect from a ‘leadership’ programme – this is about exploring ‘you’ as a leader and is therefore relevant for women at all levels to enable them to reflect on who they are or aspire to be as a leader, to identify why leading is important to them and the impact they can and want to have in their leadership role.


Industry specific programmes

We currently offer the following industry specific personal development coaching programmes for women. These programmes can be booked as an individual or via your organisation – to find out more or to book a place please click on the links. To enquire about a programme specifically for your industry please email Jenny and Emma on info@womentowork or fill in our contact form.

Women in the Fire Service UK Women’s Development Programme – For more info click here

Women in Energy Personal Development Coaching Programme – Successfully Manage and Progress Your Work and Life …. to define and reach your potential – For more info click here


Other sessions

Women connecting and having conversations – we know how helpful the women on our workshops find the discussions they have with each other. So these sessions are focused on just that, women connecting and having impactful conversations about what matters to them. An opportunity to join small group discussions to focus on a variety of topics that are important to the women we work with. Sharing stories of real experiences of overcoming problems/hurdles to create key solutions whilst also having time to reflect on your own personal development and identify what will have the most positive impact on your unique situation.

Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop – if you would like to see how we work why not join one of our free Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshops for women – join us for an opportunity to pause … to take some time to focus on yourself, your values and what’s important to you; to reflect on your current situation, your work life balance and on your work and life aspirations. Importantly this is also time to connect with other women as well as to create an action plan with next steps to move forward with clarity. Book your place here.

If any of these spark an interest then please email Jenny and Emma on info@womentowork or fill in our contact form to find out more.

We hope to see you soon!

“A great opportunity to take time to explore how I show up, in the workplace (and in life). Quality session, evidence and experience based. Jenny and Emma really brought the material to life and made it easy to contribute/collaborate even though we were all strangers and working online!”