How do you manage it all?

How do you manage it all?

Hello, we hope you’re having a good summer…many of you might be juggling a lot right now so we hope today’s topic might provide some inspiration…

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For some of us, the phrase ‘work life balance’ just doesn’t sit right – what does it even mean? Are we ever in balance or is something else going on?

We know from our own lives and those of our clients that many of us have a lot going on at any one time and it is a constant juggle to place our attention where it is most needed.

You might be working, raising a family, taking on the bulk of the responsibility at home, making a change in your work or life, and the added ‘mental load’ is something many of us are also very familiar with…from the BBC Worklife article “The hidden load: How ‘thinking of everything’ holds mums back”:

“Experts say that this hidden work comes in three overlapping categories. There’s cognitive labour – which is thinking about all the practical elements of household responsibilities, including organising playdates, shopping and planning activities. Then there’s emotional labour, which is maintaining the family’s emotions; calming things down if the kids are acting up or worrying about how they are managing at school. Third, the mental load is the intersection of the two: preparing, organising and anticipating everything, emotional and practical, that needs to get done to make life flow.”

You can read more about the mental load here.

It can be reassuring to know we are not alone with issues such as these and that is often the feedback we hear from women on our workshops. So what can you do to help…well one way is to look at everything you are doing differently, recognising that you can do it all, but maybe just not all at the same time, and at different times in your life your focus, attention or the emphasis may shift … not everything necessarily requires all of your attention all at the same time – thinking of all you do as part of the ebb and flow of life.

We love this idea of thinking about your life in terms of seasons…as Brad Stulberg recommends….

“… seeing balance in terms of “seasons,” rather than hours in every day. “There might be a season where you’re writing a book, and that’s the thing,” he said. “There might be a season when you’re starting a family.” There will probably be fewer productive hours at the keyboard during the family season, and fewer boozy brunches during the book season, and that’s okay.”  Read more here

Or this idea of thinking not about balance but more of a seasaw

Deutsch LA President Kim Getty says: “I reject the idea of balance in favor of the seesaw: I go back and forth, giving 100% of my attention where it’s needed most at the moment. That means I don’t miss a school play or a recital, and when I’m there, I’m not checking emails.” Read more here

Perhaps spend some time focusing on what is the focus of your life right now or over the next weeks or months – where will you focus your time and energy, what’s important to you right now and what areas require less of your attention right now but can be the focus of your attention at another time.

We hope you find the articles of interest and some help… … you might also like to join us for our next free Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop – you can find out more and book a place here

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All the best and we’ll see you soon.

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