“Life is like a road-trip …. you keep driving until you find your destination”


Lauren“Stopping for petrol is like asking for help, if you need it there is always going to be a place to ask.” Lauren, aged 13.

In our series of blogs for our #thisisforyou campaign we’re discussing coaching and mentoring and how it can help women to find the work they want.

Our coaching is all about helping our clients to succeed and achieve in all they set out to do. We want our clients to be at their best and feel at their best. We help our clients to clarify their vision, decide what success looks like and work out a plan to get there

This week, we’ve chosen to share some thoughts from Lauren, daughter of our Co-founder & Coach Jenny, which she wrote for a school assignment. We believe her philosophy chimes well with what we are trying to achieve for women either in work or returning to work – supporting you to find your destination.

“Life is like a road-trip …. you keep driving until you find your destination”

“I think life is like a road-trip because you never know your destination until you’re there, you never know when there is traffic, if there is a diversion in your way or whether there’s going to be a crash or a smooth road.

Maybe your road will be flat, maybe there’ll be big hills or just small ones putting a bump in the way, you’ll never know until you get there and overcome it. Stopping for petrol to keep you going and get you back on the road, supports you. This is like life in more ways than I can imagine, because there’s always going to be bumps and hills to overcome, it’s never going to always be smooth and straight on. Stopping for petrol is like asking for help, if you need it there is always going to be a place to ask.

Also, as you’re driving you experience and see new things, just like life, you’re always going to find new things and you’re always going to experience something new throughout life. And you can always stop and relax along the way. A road trip always requires a stop and then you meet new people and develop new relationships.

Many people go through life wondering, what is the meaning of life; I believe the meaning of life is whatever you choose.

Things will be more important to some people and less important to others so the ‘meaning of life’ will be different for everyone.

So trying to discover a life’s purpose is wasting our life. We should be exploring and going through life not knowing what’s next but enjoying every minute of it.

Thinking you found the purpose of life I believe is wrong because you never know what’s next and if you believe you know the purpose of life, you will shape your life to that and then if something changes you will get, in a way, confused and not be able to live to the fullest.

So to conclude I believe humans give meaning to their lives by living it like a road trip, no matter what diversions are in your way, find your destination.”

Emma Shute & Jenny Pollock are the Founders, Directors and Coaches at Women to Work.

Women to Work focuses on women’s development, both ‘into’ the workplace and ‘within’ the workplace. As well as one to one sessions and group coaching workshops for individual women, Women to Work offers women’s development programmes and coaching and mentoring programmes for organisations and ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Level 3 & 5 Coaching & Mentoring training for individuals wanting a qualification in coaching.