What really matters to you?

What really matters to you? 

Welcome to our latest newsletter and today we’re sharing some of our ideas around values – what matters most to you in your work and life?

We don’t always pause long enough to ask this question but we know from our own experience and from working with our clients how impactful this question can be…

In this newsletter…

  • What really matters to you – your values
  • Women to Work Personal Development Coaching Programmes and Workshops

What really matters to you – your values

It’s not often we stop to think about our values, but we believe that taking the time to consider our values is important, we talk about them and check we are meeting them often, of course we do we are coaches! We believe that it is helpful to be clear on what they are and how they fit with our business and our personal lives and that has taken time and reflection, and it changes depending on other factors in our life.

What we mean when we say ‘values’ – for us it’s the ‘stuff’ that matters to us as individuals, what’s important, the key characteristics and/or principles we want to live our lives by and the elements we want included in our life.

Each of us will have our own unique set and we believe that having an understanding of your own values, and looking to build and shape a life that fits with them can be really helpful.

Our values can change, but many of us don’t normally spend time thinking about them, in fact we may not have known what they were in the first place. But taking the time to check in with what’s important to you whatever your situation, and being clear about your values can really help you to stay on track and make decisions that are right for you so you can create a fulfilling work and life.

As Brene Brown says:

“Living into our values means that we do more than profess our values, we practice them. We walk our talk—we are clear about what we believe and hold important, and we take care that our intentions, words, thoughts, and behaviors align with those beliefs.”

…and she has some great resources on values including this list to give you some inspiration.

We explore this topic in both one to one coaching and our programmes and workshops…

Women to Work Personal Development Coaching Programmes and Workshops

These programmes are an opportunity for women to connect, to talk, listen, reflect and collaborate.

We will create a shared learning experience in a stimulating, supportive, open and positive environment that will enable each individual to identify what can have the most meaningful positive impact on their own unique situation.

All of the programmes are empowering, practical and highly interactive, delivered by us and on zoom.

Perhaps your organisation or network would be interested? Or maybe you have a group of women colleagues or friends who would benefit? Get in touch if you would like to know more – we’d love to have a zoom chat to explore ideas…

Creating a pathway to thrive

A programme for women at all levels who want to:

  • take control of their work and life now and in the future
  • have their voice heard in a way that’s meaningful to them
  • reconnect with who they are and all they have to offer
  • identify and challenge any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back and find strategies to build their personal resilience
  • value themselves and what they need and want from work and life
  • engage, connect and build relationships with other women

This programme includes a series of 3 x 3hr coaching workshops:

  • Workshop 1 – My work and life aspirations
  • Workshop 2 – Knowing myself
  • Workshop 3 – Planning and preparing for success

Successfully Manage and Progress Your Work and Life to define and reach your potential.

This programme includes a series of 6 x 2.5hr coaching workshops that can be attended as one off sessions or as a programme of personal development and team/group collaboration:

  • Defining your work and life vision…. to be the individual you want to be
  • Challenging limiting beliefs & imposter syndrome & having your voice heard
  • Managing your work and life demands …. changes after the pandemic
  • Knowing yourself to be your most confident self in work and life
  • Building relationships and creating positive connections …. to support your work and life aspirations
  • An introduction to building resilience in yourself and others

Confidence building and career planning 

This taster programme includes 1.5hr versions covering some of our most popular topics:

  • Challenging limiting beliefs & imposter syndrome & having your voice heard
  • An introduction to building resilience in yourself and others
  • Career progression
  • Women connecting and collaborating – meeting sharing and learning

Our client’s words….

“A worthwhile programme that pushed me out of my comfort zone to focus on myself and what I really want out of my career and life. In addition to that it gave me the confidence to aim higher and support other women to do the same. Thank you”

“These sessions are incredibly useful ‘me time’ that I just wouldn’t have if I didn’t attend these sessions. We should all be our number one priority, but I suspect our default setting is to get on with things without necessarily thinking about how to be at our best. It is so tempting to prioritise other things, especially when spinning multiple plates but making time for these sessions should really be a no brainer for all of us.”

Please share or get in touch if you’d like to explore these or other ideas to support and develop the women in your organisation, network or life.

Wishing you a wonderful summer.
Emma & Jenny