What shall I do first?

What shall I do first?

Hi everyone and welcome to our latest newsletter and the start of Autumn, our chosen photograph is a reminder of the beauty we have to come!

Some of you might find this a time with a lot going on, many commitments, deadlines, responsibilities at both work and home. You might have children just started at a new school or embarking on a particularly important year, or you may have some big projects at work taking your focus. Whatever it is we know prioritising what to do and when can be a challenge, so today we thought we’d share some helpful tips and reminders.

In this newsletter

  • Prioritising and time management – some helpful tips and reminders
  • Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop and a brand new Workbook


Prioritising and time management – some helpful tips and reminders 

Some of these ideas might seem simple and things you are already familiar with. But we know how easy it is, when we’re busy, to forget to do the very things that are most effective – so we hope you find this reminder helpful.

On a weekly basis put aside some time to think about the week ahead…

1. Write out your week – Mon-Sun, a page for each

2. Fill in all the appointments and commitments you have for each day and the time each will take e.g. meetings, phone calls, personal and family commitments, appointments etc

3. Add in other things you want to do during the week and allocate a time for them e.g. time for exercise, walking the dog, projects to work on, and remember time for yourself and your own wellbeing and self-care

4. Write a list of all your ‘to do’s or take a look at your existing ‘to do list’

5. To most effectively time plan when you will get your ‘to do’s’ done allocate them across the week – work out how much time you might need for each and block it into your diary. Each day you can then cross off what you complete which feels great…and much better than one of those never ending ‘to do’ lists! Remember to allow more time than you expect each ‘to do’ to take and even allow some empty slots if you can for the unexpected opportunities, calls, emails that always arise. You can colour code your week plan too if you like – a different colour for each project, or a colour per family member perhaps.

Many of us don’t always put aside the time to do this but it can help so much, and with practice it just becomes a part of your day to day.

Following this approach also means you are building in time to do those things you really want to do but somehow never get time to.

For more on this have a look at the Eisenhower Matrix – it’s an old one but a good one! It’s still so relevant and useful – you can find out more here.

And if one of your priorities is your own personal development, or perhaps you are wanting to make a change or improve your work life balance then read on…

Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop and a brand new Workbook

We have some exciting news about our Work Life Discovery Coaching…
We are so happy to let you know that our free Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshops for women are continuing in 2024 – and it’s also the 10 year anniversary of this workshop and where Women to Work began! We are so proud to have been able to work with the many many women who have joined us over that time.

Our Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop for women will help you to define your work life vision, re-connect with who you are and all you have to offer.

An opportunity to take some time to focus on yourself, what’s important to you and reflect on how the current situation we find ourselves in may have impacted on your work and life aspirations, values and importantly to connect with other women and to create an action plan with next steps to move forward with clarity.

2024 dates are:

  • Tuesday 6th February 2024
  • Wednesday 22nd May 2024
  • Thursday 17th October 2024


All workshops are on Zoom 10am-1230pm

To book a place click here or to find out more click here.

But that’s not all – we are also in the process of testing and making final edits to our brand new Work Life Discovery Coaching Workbook. So if you are not able to attend one of our Zoom workshops or you simply prefer working on your own or at your own pace you can purchase our self-guided Work Life Discovery Coaching Workbook. We’ll share more news with you soon…

“An excellent opportunity to evaluate my current work/life balance, interact with other women and think about future changes to implement. The coaches provided interesting questions, allowed chance for discussion and valuable reflection time. This course provided lots of valuable thinking and proactive steps that I can use to now move forward to a much healthier and happier work/life balance.” 
Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop attendee

We hope to see you soon.

Emma & Jenny