Building Resilience, Connecting And Collaborating

What happens when you hit a setback in life?

How do you deal with the inevitable challenges we all face?

Do you have tools to help you?

Join us for our next coaching workshop for women and start to develop your own personal resilience toolkit!

“An Introduction to Building Resilience in Yourself and Others”
Tuesday 20th July – Zoom – £40


“A great workshop to get you thinking more about resilience and how to build it within yourself! Some fantastic tools and tips were provided and the facilitators (Emma and Jenny) were friendly, professional and easy to relate to. A totally empowering session!”
Online coaching workshop delegate


And if you can’t join us take a look at this self-coaching tool: Perspectives – Areas of Control – use this when you want to change your perspective – when a situation feels totally out of your control – break down the elements of the situation and ask yourself what can I actually control here?


We get so much feedback from the women on our workshops about the value of being able to talk to other women, to share stories, support and inspire each other. So we’re putting on some sessions to do just that!

Join us for our first
“Women Connecting and Collaborating”
930am-11am – Thursday 22nd July – Zoom – £15.


Our focus for discussion will be on “Making the summer work for you” – you’ll have the opportunity to explore the challenges that might come up over the summer and share ideas, tips and solutions to help us all get the best out of the summer.

We hope you can join us at one of our workshops, feel free to email us to find out more about these and our other workshops and one to one coaching.

All the very best 
Jenny and Emma 

Emma and Jenny are passionate about supporting women to reach their potential, developing resilience in individuals and developing coaching/mentoring as a way of being. In our workshops and one to one coaching you will have the opportunity to take some time to reflect and focus on yourself and your personal development.