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We hope you are well. We feel unable to start this newsletter without acknowledging the historic time we are in and our thoughts currently are of Queen Elizabeth ll – an amazing woman with so many remarkable qualities. May she rest in peace.

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  • Some simple self care inspiration ….. walk to work when working from home 
  • Up coming events from Women to Work
  • Women’s careers: Beyond organizational boundaries – a project, researching women’s understandings of their careers and work related experiences


This time of year can often feel like the start of a brand new year and you might find yourself racing into everything at 100 miles an hour, that can be wonderful to embrace but it might also be exhausting too so we encourage you as ever to take breaks, take a moment to breathe and check in with yourself and your goals, your wants and needs. 
One great way to do this is to build in a ‘walk to work’ if you don’t naturally have one, and especially if you are working from home. Going from the bedroom to our workspaces doesn’t quite give us that early morning time to think, reflect and prepare for the day. I (Jenny) was introduced to the concept of ‘walking to my home office’ recently and I love it – I leave the house with a ‘I’m just walking to work’ and take a 20 minute walk up the road and back. For me there are so many benefits ….. getting ready for the day, making the headspace separation from home to work, some time outside, a moment of reflection, some physical exercise and some important time to myself before the day gets under way. 
I hope this inspires you to ‘walk to work’ or ‘walk to lunch’ or ‘walk home’ – taking these moments to ourselves can so easily get lost when we are working from home.
We have lots coming up over the next few months – lots of great projects with some fabulous clients, plus one to one coaching and more workshops and our personal development programme for women. 
If you’re looking for a development opportunity for yourself or the women in your organisation this is a great time to join! Defining your work and life vision – to be the individual you want to be is on Wednesday 21st September 2022. You can find out more and book by clicking here or in the links below, or get in touch with any questions.
We hope to see you soon.

Upcoming Events

Personal development programme and workshops for women

Successfully Manage and Progress Your Work and Life to define and reach your potential. 
This series of 6 coaching workshops for women can be booked individually for £40 per workshop, or as a full programme for £195 and you can join at any time. All workshops run from 10am-1230pm on Zoom.

Defining your work and life vision…. to be the individual you want to be – Wednesday 21st September

Challenging Limiting Beliefs & Imposter Syndrome & Having Your Voice Heard – Tuesday 18th October 2022

Knowing yourself to be your most confident self in work and life – Wednesday 16th November 2022

Building relationships and creating positive connections …. to support your work and life aspirations – Wednesday 18th January 2023

An Introduction to Building Resilience in Yourself and Others – Thursday 16th February 2023

Managing your work and life demands …. changes after the pandemic – Wednesday 29th March 2023

From our clients…
“A great opportunity to take time to explore how I show up, in the workplace (and in life). Quality session, evidence and experience based. Jenny and Emma really brought the material to life and made it easy to contribute/collaborate even though we were all strangers and working online!”

We also offer one to one coaching please get in touch if you’d like to know more…

Finally we wanted to share with a project we’ve been working on that we hope you will find of interest and you may even like to get involved!
Women’s careers: Beyond organizational boundaries. 
Over the last three years, Professor Penny Dick from the Sheffield University Management School has been working with Women to Work on a project, researching women’s understandings of their careers and work related experiences with information from women attending our Work Life Discovery Coaching Workshop forming the basis of the research. 
This short video from Penny provides an introduction to the research and an insight into some of the fascinating findings…
If you would like to be involved in this ongoing work then we have a Community of Practice (CoP) that you would be welcome to join. The purpose and scope of a CoP is to work collaboratively to identify issues we can work on together and agree actions we can take. 
Also if you would like to join our LinkedIn group please click here.
For more information just email Professor Penny Dick or Jenny and Emma.

Have a fabulous September and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Emma & Jenny
Women to Work Founders, Directors and Coaches